Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Philly: From the Frontlines - Part 4: Eviction

They lied.

On Sunday, November 27th at 5PM, Occupy Philly was supposed to leave Dilworth Plaza after an eviction order from the City of Philadelphia. Despite this, more than 1000 people came down to protest and defy the eviction. By 11PM, it became clear that no one was going to be removed. The move came because the City of Philadelphia for nearly two weeks said that they needed to leave so construction could begin on Dilworth Plaza.

By Tuesday, Novmber 29th, it became clear that the city lied about why Occupy Philly had to leave. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that on that same day that the Wolk Law Firm had a permit for the spot to put up a plane at Dilworth Plaza at the same time "construction" was supposed to begin. The permit was signed and approved the same week the eviction order was given!

In other words, the reason Occupy Philly was being evicted was a lie.

Last night, November 29th, Occupy Philly was evicted from Dilworth Plaza. There have been nearly 70 arrests. Reports are coming in that they will no longer be allowed to march during the day, that every single park they tried to go to was blocked by the police, and reports of the police being violent as well as some protestors. A friend of my from Occupy Philly Media, Vanessa, possibly had two toes broken by a horse.

Either a horse was spooked or made to attack a crowd of protestors as well:

There is another report that a police pulled a knife on a protestor:

A person nearly getting crushed by a horse:

And a ton of protestors facing off against the cops:

As the day goes on, the reports from the mainstream media are ignoring the fact that there was another event planned for the site despite "construction." Even after the eviction, it still isn't being reported.

Reports are coming in that Mayor Nutter wasn't in town Sunday, but was in Chicago to attend a funeral.

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